What meal pack is best for me?

JCN meals are designed to fit a lifestyle. All meals are designed to fit into a JCN meal plan or for anyone wanting to eat clean honest food – minus the prep time.

Our 6 pack is suitable to take care of lunches or dinners. Our 12 pack can take care of both! Our 18 pack can keep your fridge stocked to get you through.

How do I fit my meals into my JCN meal plan

All meals nutritional breakdowns are based on the ENTIRE meal including vegetables, so the breakdown may vary to your meal plan.

To match your meals best to your meal plan base them off the calories.

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Can I change my meals to suit my macros?

JCN meals are contract manufactured by our friends and unfortunately, meals will be delivered as they state on the website.

Due to high volume, we cannot change ingredients or portions. On a strict plan? Trial our protein portions!

Gluten & Dairy Friendly but NOT free

All meals are designed to be gluten free friendly, not include dairy and GMO free of course! However, we cannot guarantee there will be no trace gluten or dairy due to the nature of the production facility.

For any severe coeliac and lactose intolerances, we advise not ordering.

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Heating Meals

Follow these five simple steps

Our meals will taste best if they are heated from fresh, either in the microwave and oven safe food tray provided or placed on your own dinner plate. Follow these simple steps:
1. (If you have frozen your meals) Defrost meals in the refrigerator overnight before reheating. This will make it quick and easy to reheat your meals.
2. If your meal includes a separate container of sauce then remove before heating.
3. Peel clear plastic film off the meal tray then place in either microwave for approximately 2 – 3 minutes (depending on microwave strength), or place in oven for 10 minutes at 180 degrees or until the meal is fully reheated throughout.
4. If your meal has a separate sauce then heat sauce for the last 10 seconds. Many of our sauces can be served cold. If you would like to heat your sauce, place it in the microwave for no more than 10 seconds, or alternatively in a saucepan for one minute.
5. Your meal is now ready to eat directly from your container or plate.

Microwave heating is the most convenient heating method however you can heat your meals in a conventional oven if you need to heat more meals at the same time, please make sure to remove all plastic film from trays, then simply place on the oven rack to heat.

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How do I use protein packs?

JCN portion packs are designed to cute down cooking time – you literally heat and add to the rest of your meal. For JCN clients they are great for variety and prep – just weigh and pop into your meal!


 Protein Portions are only available in our 5 pack bundles. 

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JCN Meal Delivery

placing order for delivery

We recommend all customers checking their address at this point to ensure couriers can service their address. A Link can be found below or at checkout. Delivery instructions can be written at checkout for the driver.

JCN meal delivery

 Once your meals are ready they are packed with dry ice/ice packs and shipped for overnight delivery. If you live in a secured apartment complex, please ensure you are home to receive your delivery during the time frame provided. If our driver is unable to access the apartment your items will be left or taken back to the depot for collection.

ALL JCN Meal orders are delivered on a Friday – customers will be emailed tracking information via our couriers for them to monitor its arrival. By ticking the terms and conditions you agree to track your delivery and that you are aware of the delivery being on a Friday.

Rural Meal Delivery

By ticking the checkbox at checkout you are confirming you have checked your address through the 3rdparty courier website to ensure you can receive the delivery. If your address is deemed rural you understand that a mutual drop off point must be agreed upon for the meal delivery – if a suitable drop off point or alternative address cannot be provided before orders dispatch date the order will be refunded.

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